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A Solution to Screen Time

Technology should enhance our children's lives, not control them. Let us show you how to make this happen. 

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The Beyond Limits Way

With the right skills and preparation, we can empower our kids for wise and self-regulated tech use. Given the pitfalls of the online world, this doesn't happen on its own. Kids need to be taught. Think Drivers Ed - you train your kid to drive before you give them the car keys. Kids need a similar training process for smartphones. Beyond Limits is a simple step-by-step program that shows parents how to prepare children for healthy and responsible tech use.

Family Harmony

Work Together vs. Against Each Other 

Instead of arguing over screen time, Beyond Limits families unite around a common goal, and a fair and clear path to independent, self-regulated tech use.

Peace of Mind

Confidence vs. Anxiety

Beyond Limits parents rest easy knowing they have a plan. They know what to do in the hard moments and feel confident as they watch their child practice and master the skills needed for balanced tech use. 


Lasting Change vs. Temporary Fixes

The Beyond Limits program fosters independent tech use as your child masters the necessary skills. Your teen will enter adulthood able to use tech in a way that enhances their life, rather than controls it. 

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Road Map to Healthy Screen Time: Navigating Tech Responsibly 

This course is designed for parents and children ages 10-14.

Just like learning to drive, before getting the keys to the car, children need to learn the rules of the road, practice and show that they are ready for the responsibilities of driving. 

It's the same thing with screen time. That's what this course is - Driver's ed for screen time. 

In this pre-recorded workshop-style course we will teach both you and your child how to navigate screen time and their devices in a healthy and responsible way.

By the end of this course, you will walk away with a contract between you and your child around responsible tech use.

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Watch our founder, Dr. Demi Rhine, discuss the Beyond Limits approach:


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"If I am being completely honest, I was a little hesitant on taking this course due to the fact that I thought I was already handling technology in my home the best way possible. Boy was I wrong...Beyond Limits Academy completely blew my mind!! I'm an educator and mother of 2 young girls who love their phones (a little more than I'd like). Dr. Demi has given me easy to use strategies to limit screen time in a way that does not cause tension in our family and empowers us all to make better choices. I am so thankful that I took this course and think that it is a game changer for all families."

Carolina W

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