3 Ways to Unhook Your Child From Screens

Hosted by Dr. Demi Rhine, PhD Clinical Psychologist

You'll learn three simple tips that will reduce the screen time battles and help your child unhook from their screens. You'll come to the realization that it's not their (or your) fault that they're hooked.

In this Webinar you'll learn:

The Real Reason Your Child is Hooked

Hint: it has to do with a billion dollar tech industry

The Major Mindset Shift

that will help you end screen time battles and help you connect with your child

A Better Way to Structure Screen Time 

that will actually help your child unhook and create a healthier balanced between their online and offline lives

This Webinar is a MUST ATTEND if . . . 

  • You're constantly involved in screen time battles or bargaining with your child
  • Your child throws tantrums when they are asked to log off
  • You find your child sneaking screen time
  • You child seems to always want to be on their screens