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Take the Course!

About Us

Beyond Limits Academy was founded to provide guidance and a road map for every family looking for a way to help their children manage technology use in a healthy way. We are a highly passionate and experienced team focused on creating a future where people's lives are enhanced - rather than controlled - by technology.

As parents, we are fiercely dedicated to the well-being of our collective children. In an increasingly digital world, preparing our children to use technology wisely is no longer an option . . . it's a necessity.

Our Team

Demi Rhine

Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Rhine (PSY 22118) is a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Beyond Limits Academy.  Dr. Rhine holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute.  In 2005, Dr. Rhine received advanced training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and went on to found the DBT Program at Clearwater Clinic in Oakland, CA.  

For over a decade, Dr. Rhine served as the Clinical Director of Clearwater Clinic’s DBT Program, providing individual and group psychotherapy, as well as training and supervision to post-doctoral interns.  Dr. Rhine specializes in the treatment of suicidal and self-harming adolescents and adults, trauma, depression, anxiety, impulsivity and relationship issues. Dr. Rhine believes that through the cultivation of mindful awareness, self-regulation skills and compassion, people can improve their lives. 

Dr. Rhine founded Beyond Limits Academy to teach these same concepts on a broad scale to address the issue of technology (mis)use and prepare the next generation of children to thrive in the modern world.  In addition to BLA, Dr. Rhine currently has a small private practice in Oakland, where she lives with her two daughters, dog (Stella) and cat (Chico). Dr. Rhine is a long-time practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga, Vipassana meditation, and is fluent in Spanish. 

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Cynthia Siedel

Co-founder, CFO, CMO 

Cynthia has over 18 years of professional experience in marketing, analytics and general management. Cynthia holds a B.A. and an MBA from Stanford University.  Prior to co-founding Beyond Limits Academy, she was CMO at Brain Balance Achievement Centers, a program for children with ADHD and sensory processing disorders. She previously held marketing leadership positions at companies such as Jamba Juice, Visa and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Her main focus has been leading digital transformations. From launching apps and building digital capabilities, to developing high performance marketing teams, Cynthia has been instrumental in transforming consumer-focused organizations.  Prior to her corporate experience, Cynthia was a Consultant in McKinsey & Company's San Francisco office. 

 Cynthia co-founded Beyond Limits Academy because she recognized the dearth of quality resources to help families with screen time. Cynthia is passionate about equal opportunity, and wants every family to have access to the tools necessary to prepare children for the digital age.  Cynthia lives in Oakland with her husband and three children. In her spare time, Cynthia loves to read, stay active with her family and travel. Cynthia is bi-cultural and fluent in Spanish. 

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Annie Pellegrini

Co-founder, COO

Annie has over 15 years of experience as an educator in Oakland, CA. Annie holds a B.A. from Chico State. Annie was a classroom teacher for six years and developed a nationally replicated model for a high school entrepreneurial academy. Annie went on to manage an entrepreneurship program at BUILD, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Prior to co-founding Beyond Limits Academy, Annie co-founded and served as the COO of Dear Izzy, a literacy tool to engage early readers. Annie specializes in developing educational opportunities and curriculum that allow students to drive their own learning in real-world settings. Annie believes that when adults lay the framework and then step out of the way, children naturally find their authentic motivations, interests and passions.  

Annie co-founded Beyond Limits Academy because she is passionate about educational approaches that empower children, and believes this is possible and necessary in the critical area of technology use. She lives in San Leandro with her husband and two daughters. Annie and her family can be found riding bikes, hiking in the forest or building sandcastles on the beach. 

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