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Beyond Screen Time Limits

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Put Screen Time Struggles Behind You Once and For All

Jun 04, 2020

Maybe you’ve told your kid a dozen times to put the iPad down. Maybe you have gotten into arguments with your child over screen time. Maybe you watch your kid gaming or texting and fear ‘losing them’ to the screen. Maybe your kid has been caught sneaking their phone in the middle of the night. Maybe…

As a clinical psychologist, my colleagues and I have seen all of these scenarios and more. These situations are complicated, nuanced, and insidious. Parenting methods of the past are not solving the problems that technology-use presents to today’s families. This is because technology is designed to engage us based on the fundamentals of our physiology, and so healthy tech use requires a specific skill set that parents are neither familiar with nor prepared to teach their children.  

However, the field of psychology offers a wealth of strategies and techniques to teach and foster self-regulation that can be applied to the area of technology use. We have successfully used these practices with many families - bringing them back together and guiding children to wise, balanced, self-regulated technology use. I co-founded Beyond Limits Academy to make these techniques as accessible as possible.

A healthy relationship with technology is critical for life in the 21st century.  Equipping your children with these skills may seem daunting, but it is actually quite doable. Beyond Limits Academy is here to show you how and to support you along the way. 

Clinical Psychologist


About Beyond Limits Academy

Beyond Limits is a simple step-by-step online program that teaches parents how to prepare their children for a lifetime of safe and healthy technology use. Going beyond just screen time limits, our skills-based approach provides a clear road map that reduces conflict and sets children up to manage their own tech use independently and responsibly. In an increasingly digital world, preparing our children to use technology wisely is no longer an option . . . it's a necessity.

End the constant screen time battles.  Get started here.

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