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Parent Perspectives

All of us at Beyond Limits Academy are excited to share helpful tips and information on how to help your child learn the skills needed to navigate technology in a healthy and responsible way straight from a parent who's gone through it! 

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AHA! Moments: Solving Screen Time Before it's a Big Issue

Wondering whether your child is ready to Solve Screen Time? Listen in as clinical psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine, and her guest, mother of two, Jen A, talks about how she got ahead of major screen time issues. From her daughter's online chatting FOMO to her son's online gaming challenges in unhooking - she goes into how she tackled it early on.



Gaming: A Slippery Slope

Is gaming is a challenge for your child? Tune in as clinical psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine, and her guests, holistic parenting coach Carol Passmore and her son William, discuss how they worked together to help William unhook from the world of gaming and what he wishes he would have known when he was younger.



Connection is the key

Listen in as clinical psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine, and her guest Carolina White, an educator, and mother of 2 teenage girls discuss how connecting with her girls served as the foundation for helping them navigate screen time challenges.



Get Rid of the Blame

Everyone needs help with screen time, even the pros.
Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine, and her esteemed guest, transformational coach/educator/speaker, Dr. Arayah as she discusses the challenges and successes she faced when trying to manage screen time with her preteen.
Get tips and advice from not one, but two doctors.


Getting Past the Conflict

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine, and her guest Barby Jiminez, conscious parenting coach, and mother of 2 dives into how to work on solving screen time without all of the conflict that stems from fear.


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Designed for parents and children ages 6+

Just like learning to drive, before getting the keys to the car, children need to learn the rules of the road, practice, and show that they are ready for the responsibilities of driving.

It's the same thing with screen time. That's what this set of courses are - Driver's ed for screen time.

In this 2-part course, Dr. Demi teaches both you and your child how to navigate screen time in a healthy and responsible way.

By the end of the course, you will walk away with a contract between you and your child around responsible screen time.

“I love how solution-oriented and possible tackling tech use with my kids feels now.”

- Maya (daughters ages 8, 10)