“No more arguing over screen time. I truly didn’t think this was possible.”

– Lila W.
Course graduate & Parent of 11-year old


Solving Screen Time
for Parents and Preteens

Solving Screen Time is a comprehensive screen time program that unites families, establishes clear screen time limits, and teaches kids skills to use screens in healthy ways on their own. Whether games, apps or platforms are a challenge in your home, we've got you covered!

With the right insights, tools and plan, we can empower our children to use screens in healthy ways. Think Driver's Ed. We have a comprehensive plan for training our kids to drive before we give them the keys to the car. We need a similar training process for children and smartphones.


Solving Screen Time is that training program.


The Solving Screen Time Program is right for you if...

You’re a concerned parent who knows intuitively that something is wrong when you see how drawn your preteen is to their screen. Your goal is for your child to have a balanced life where screens enhance their life, not control it. You desire a connected relationship with your preteen built on mutual trust and understanding, but sometimes that feels impossible.

Whether you’re feeling…
  • Worried about your preteen’s online safety.
  • Stressed or anxious over how much screens are dominating your home.  
  • Fed up with the constant conflict and non-stop negotiations around screen time. 
You’re not alone. 

There’s a multi-billion dollar industry making games, apps, platforms, and devices intentionally designed to hook our children’s attention. And the fallout? Strained, disconnected parent preteen relationships, and kids who are distracted and anxious. 

If you’re concerned about this, you’re in the right place.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Demi Rhine has spent the last 15 years successfully guiding countless families to overcome problems of self-regulation, including management of screen time.  As family after family reported success around screen time, Dr. Demi decided to make her approach available to everyone. Dr. Demi is committed to giving all families a roadmap to safe, balanced screen time, and empowering children to create a healthy relationship with their devices.

Dr. Demi has combined effective clinical practices with her experience as a mother to create an easy-to-follow workshop-style course for busy parents.


By the end of the Solving Screen Time program, 
you will have:

  • Clarity around the four areas where your kid’s screen time can take a wrong turn into unhealthy territory and how to get your kid back on track.
  • A toolkit that allows you to confidently establish and maintain healthy screen time limits.
  • A comprehensive personalized screen time contract with Dr. Demi’s recommendations.
  • An attitude that builds trust and closeness with your kids so they feel safe coming to you for help in any online situation.


Your preteen will have:

  • A step-by-step approach to help them unhook, eventually on their own.
  • A feeling of being accepted, understood, and validated for their screen time use leading to more open and honest communication.
  • The realization that they are going through a screen time training process, eliminating power struggles and conflict.
  • A sense of empowerment to learn to use screens in healthy ways so they can slowly earn the freedom and independence they need as they get older.

“I highly recommend Beyond Limits Academy products. My family and I have greatly benefited from the teachings and have put an end to ongoing arguments, resentment, and frustration about technology addiction. I'm very grateful!"

– Dr. Arayeh Norouzi
Certified Life Coach

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What The Kids Are Saying

 Mom, this is so fun! Dr. Demi should run for President.

– August, age 12


 I think I’ve learned to unhook better than my mom.

- Marina, age 10 


My biggest problem is rabbit hole screen time. At least now I know I do that! I’ll write a post-it note to remind myself not to go down rabbit holes when I’m doing homework.

– Zuzana, age 9

What's Inside


For Parents

The core course materials, including on-demand videos, parent and pre-teen workbooks, and printables are available on our online portal. Revisit the course as much as you like, it's yours for life.

Level 1 - The Mindsets

The way of approaching and speaking to your kids about screen time that builds trust, connection, and teamwork. In this Level you’ll learn:

✔ The mindset to shift from blaming your child for screen time challenges to blaming the design of the device.

✔ How to stay out of judgment and leverage the power of a tech positive attitude to validate your kid’s online interests.

✔ How to move from punishment to preparation so that your kid feels safe making screen time mistakes and learning from them.

Level 2 - The Plan

The screen time rules and limits that keep your kid safe AND motivated to unhook. In this Level you’ll learn:

✔ What healthy vs unhealthy screen time looks like so everyone knows what to aim for.

✔ The One and Only Rule of screen time. Yep, you read that right. There’s only one rule. 

✔ How to customize your screen time contract to fit your needs so that EVERYONE in the family is clear and knows exactly what screen time will look like in your home. Clarity and consistency are key to success. 

Level 3 - The Skills

The skills your child needs in order to learn to unhook and gradually manage screen time on their own. In this Level you will learn:

✔ How to build awareness of their own screen time patterns.

✔ The two core skills that empower kids to learn to self-regulate their own screen time.

✔ Easy to follow framework for solving screen time challenges that arise in your home.  

For Parents and Preteens

The preteen program consists of four live workshops where Dr. Demi engages preteens in a fun, loving way that validates the positives of screen time while holding preteens accountable for learning and practicing healthy screen time.  


Live Workshops* with Dr. Demi:

✔ Workshop #1: Parents Only - Upcoming dates coming soon!

✔ Workshop #2: Parents & Preteens -Upcoming dates coming soon!

✔ Workshop #3: Parents & Preteens -Upcoming dates coming soon!

✔ Workshop #4: Parents & Preteens -Upcoming dates coming soon!

*If you are not able to attend, all workshops are recorded and emailed to you.

The Solving Screen Time Program
also includes:


Personalized attention

A 20-minute Welcome Call with a Beyond Limits team member to personalize the program to your needs.


A community

Access to our Facebook community with other Solving Screen Time parents and the Beyond Limits team to make sure you get the support you need to quickly solve screen time challenges in your home.


LIVE support

Ongoing Weekly LIVE Facebook Q&As with Dr. Demi every Tuesday at 11:30 am PST.


Access to Dr. Demi

Ongoing access to Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Demi via email or Facebook.


Implementation support

6 weeks of email communication that provides encouragement, positive support, and accountability check-ins.

Plus This Bonus to Help You Find the Right Tool to Help Manage Screen Time


Parental Control App Review

A review of five of the most popular parental control apps that will keep your kids safe while they learn healthy screen time on their own.

What You’ll Get:

An easy-to-follow shortlist of screen time parental control apps and a review of their pros and cons.

  • Cuts through the clutter of all the currently available screen time apps
  • Helps you find the best option for your family
  • Fully independent reviews*

*Beyond Limits is not compensated in any way by any parental control app.

To Sum It Up


Online Course for Parents - $2,000 Value

Four LIVE Parent and Preteen Workshops - $1,500 Value

Ongoing LIVE Q&As with Dr. Demi - Priceless

BONUS: Parental Control App Review


Total Value: $3,500

But when you enroll today
you’ll get access to everything for just:

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You're Backed by a Risk-Free Guarantee

Solving Screen Time is a comprehensive step-by-step implementation program for parents who are committed to empowering their children to learn to use screens in ways that enhance their lives. 

If you are not satisfied with this program, we will refund your purchase.  To view the full terms and conditions: CLICK HERE

This Could Be You

Crossing screen time off your list of worries isn’t out of reach.

My son instantly connected with Dr. Demi. While I was watching the parent portion of the course he wanted to watch them with me and after a few minutes of watching quietly, he said, ‘I can trust her. She knows what she’s talking about.’ From there we were in it together and the live portion with Dr. Demi further solidified his initial reaction as she did such an excellent job of relating to the kids in a way that they could understand. The course made a lasting impact on us. Managing screen time is a tricky journey that we are navigating but we both feel better equipped and as a single mom this is one aspect of our lives where I am much less stressed.

– Somer Lowery

We were struggling with our son’s tech use. Nothing we tried was working. This was all causing tension and conflict in our family.  After we took the Beyond Limits course we realized that we were approaching it all wrong. We learned skills for healthy tech use that helped not only our son, but also ourselves! Things are so much better. Thank You.

– David Richards

Prior to taking the Beyond Limits course, I felt like I was the tech police with my 13-year-old daughter out of fear.  It was causing a lot of tension between us. But since the course, we have had great open conversations that have caused a shift in MY own mindset. Now I feel like we have some great agreements and are on a continuum of learning for the long term. The course made so much sense and has helped me think about technology use in a completely different way.

– Ruth Stuart

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